GF Flutter CheckboxListTile

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GF Flutter CheckBoxListTile

GFCheckBoxListTile is a Flutter CheckBoxList Tile that is a list of items wherein the user can check or uncheck the items in the list. It allows users to select one or more options inside the list. GFCheckBoxListTile can also be positioned right or left of the screen according to the need.

The example code with an avatar of Flutter CheckboxListTile or Flutter checkbox list example is as shown below.

GF Flutter CheckboxListTile with Avatar

bool isChecked = false;

  titleText: 'Arthur Shelby',
  subTitleText: 'By order of the peaky blinders',
  avatar: GFAvatar(
    backgroundImage: AssetImage('Assets image here'),
  size: 25,
  activeIcon: Icon(
    size: 15,
    color: Colors.white,
  onChanged: (value) {
    setState(() {
      isChecked = value;
  value: isChecked,
  inactiveIcon: null,

GF Flutter CheckBoxListTile Custom Properties

The Look and feel of the GFCheckboxListTile can be customized using the GFCheckboxListTile properties.

titleTexttype of [String] used to pass text, alternative to title property and gets higher priority than the title
subTitleTexttype of [String] used to pass text, alternative to subtitle property and gets higher priority than the subtitle
colorGFListTile's background color. Can be given [Color] or [GFColors]
avatartype of [Widget] or [GFAvatar] used to create a rounded user profile
titletitle to display inside the [GFListTile].
subTitlesubtitle to display inside the [GFListTile].
descriptiondescription to display inside the [GFListTile].
positionallows the user to set the position of the checkbox to start or end
margindefines the margin of GFListTile
paddingdefines the padding of GFListTile
typetype of [GFCheckboxType] which is of four types is basic, square, circular, and custom
sizetype of [double] which is GFSize ie, small, medium, and large and can use any double value
activeBgColortype of [Color] used to change the backgroundColor of the active checkbox
inactiveBgColortype of [Color] used to change the backgroundColor of the inactive checkbox
activeBorderColortype of [Color] used to change the border color of the active checkbox
inactiveBorderColortype of [Color] used to change the border color of the inactive checkbox
onChangedCalled when the user checks or unchecks the checkbox.
valueUsed to set the current state of the checkbox
activeIcontype of Widget used to change the checkbox's active icon
inactiveIcontype of [Widget] used to change the checkbox's inactive icon
customBgColortype of [Color] used to change the background color of the custom active checkbox only
selectedTo have the list tile appear selected when the checkbox is checked, pass the same value to both. Normally, this property is left to its default value, false.
autofocuson the true state, this widget will be selected as the initial focus when no other node in its scope is currently focused

Last Updated: February 4, 2022