# GF Rating


# Rating Info

# Usage

The simple code of a basic GF Rating is as shown below.

double _rating = 3;

  value: _rating,
  onChanged: (value) {
    setState(() {
      _rating = value;


If showTextForm true, it displays the GF Rating bar with text field, that takes user input to show the rating. The simple code of rating bar with textform is shown below.

final _ratingController = TextEditingController();
double _userRating = 4.5;

void initState() {
  _ratingController.text = '4.5';

  value: _userRating,
  showTextForm: true,
  controller: _ratingController,
  suffixIcon: GFButton(
    type: GFButtonType.transparent,
    onPressed: () {
      setState(() {
        _userRating = double.parse(_ratingController.text ?? '0.0');
    child: const Text('Rate'),

Look and feel of the GF Rating can be customized using the GF Rating properties.

# Custom Properties

Name Description
itemCount defines total number of rating items
color defines the color of items
borderColor defines the border color of [halfFilledIcon]
size defines the size of items. GFSize can be used for size variations like small. medium. large
allowHalfRating if true, allow half rating of items. Default it will be in true state
filledIcon defines the items when filled
halfFilledIcon defines the items when half-filled
defaultIcon defines the default items, when having filledIcon and halfFilledIcon
spacing defines the space between items
value defines the rating value
onChanged return current rating whenever rating is updated
showTextForm if true, shows rating [TextFormField] with the rating bar, that allows the user input to show rating
suffixIcon defines the design and funtion of rating [TextFormField]'s suffix icon
controller controls the [TextField] Controller of rating [TextFormField]
inputDecorations defines the [InputDecoration] of rating [TextFormField]
margin defines the margin of rating [TextFormField]
padding defines the padding of rating [TextFormField]
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